Can I brag for a minute? Can I?

I am so proud of me!

See, somewhere over the past many years, I seem to have become a work-aholic. I didn’t mean for it to happen. In fact, there are a LOT of things that I would rather be doing. I just wasn’t good at putting up the boundaries that needed to be there with work.

Last year I was working on processes. And I really felt God telling me to get good processes in place. I did pretty good. Then when things got busy this year, I departed from the plans and processes that may have kept me a little saner.

I did also find that I needed to change some processes . . and I’m working on it.

I realize that this may always be a bit of a sticky point for myself. But, I really do want to have healthier boundaries! This week I set a smaller limit on the number of appraisals that I should be accepting per week . . AND I stuck by it! Granted, I am quoting two weeks out . . so I won’t feel the relief next week. But, it is coming!

AND at least twice this week I leaned on my wonderful real estate team at the brokerage, and let them do their thing . . helping clients with caring and skill; while I did other things. Yay! Oh, AND twice this week I worked with my own real estate clients so that we met their objectives in the most beneficial way to all involved . . not every situation requires me to be there in person; and this week I helped from a far, with wonderful outcomes!

Tonight I am thankful for some small wins this week! They will turn in to big wins very soon! I’m sure of it! I think I should reward myself now . . . yes, with some much-needed sleep!! My eyes have been so tired this week! I even broke down and bought tired-eye eye drops!

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