I saw this today and laughed! One of those, “I totally get it” kind of laughs!

I am really not one for labels. I don’t like limits. And putting labels on people oftentimes gives them unintentional mental limits. But the things I’ve read about introverts are definitely things I can relate to.

I’ve come a long way! I can say that very confidently because I have worked very hard to get where I am today! I can handle most social situations with a degree of awkwardness that is much less than what it used to be! Yay!

There are days I put off making phone calls. I don’t like them. I love texting instead! It is much less of a commitment! I can write and delete and write and delete. It is fantastic! But today I made phone calls . . at least five of them! That is HUGE!

Tonight I am thankful for some intentional bravery today to call people on the phone and talk . . with words! After that I really wanted a nap . . . instead I had lunch. Lunch is a good reward too 🙂

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