Something New

A kiddo was looking for something fun to do this Halloween season. She found a Zombie Zoo in Nashville! So we bought a ticket!

Tonight we loaded in the van and were off to see the Zombies! Uncle Bill was down for a visit, so he got to come see the zombies too! I sat in the backseat between the boy kiddos. I don’t know if I’ll be invited to sit in the backseat again. But we had fun!

The Zombies were a fun time. I yelled “Hi” to several of them. I asked one if she wanted a band-aid. Kiddos encouraged me to stop yelling to the zombies. But I had fun! I took several pictures. Unfortunately most of them turned out like this beauty right here!

Tonight I am thankful for a trip to see the Zombie tonight! It was nice to get everyone out of the house to try something new!

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