I’m going to take a minute to brag on my brother! He has been working his butt off for the last few years! Ok, well he was working hard well before the last few years. But for the last few years he’s been working hard with a plan!

He has been working overtime. He paid off his student loan! He is debt free! He has been saving! He has been investing! And he had set a goal of paying cash for a truck.

He’s been looking for awhile. And he found the right one. This Friday I was privileged to be able to drive him to pick up his truck! It is an AWESOME truck! I didn’t ask him first, so I won’t post pictures yet. But, it is a F-150 with a Phantom package. It is S-W-E-E-T! Oh yeah, and it is paid for! It is all his! No payments! All his!

Tonight I am thankful to be so proud and happy for my brother! Check out Dave Ramsey and his financial plan. It works! And it brings a great deal of peace about finances and quality of life!

I took this while driving home after the truck pick-up meeting! It all worked out just great!

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