I have read Proverbs 31 for many, many years. Way before I thought deeply about even having children. Now I have been a mother of four for many years. Verse 28 says “Her children arise and call her blessed . . “

I am very blessed. I also do dumb things. Like today. I reached for the bottle of ibuprofen. I opened it. And I don’t remember if I took 3 or 4. Yes, that is more than what is recommended. But, I felt that would fit at the moment for myself.

A short while later, my eye started twitching weirdly. I happen to glance down at the “ibuprofen” bottle. Nope, I hadn’t taken ibuprofen. I had taken caffeine pills. Either 3 or 4 of them. Oops! I hadn’t really noticed that the bottles are strangely similar. The bottle has now been modified to not look like another bottle!!

I told the children who were arguing to be calm. And I told them what I had done. One teenager kiddo laughed ! Ugh! In the back of my mind the words from Proverbs 31 were playing . . “her children arise and call her blessed”. Mine were laughing at my stupidity.

So, well . . um . . what can I say . . sometimes, as parents, we prove to our children that we all make mistakes! And sometimes, as myself, I prove that we can do very dumb things, no matter how well our intentions are!

Tonight I am thankful that I didn’t take enough caffeine to do any real damage. I am thankful that my children can laugh at my mistakes. I am also thankful that they do see that God blesses us even when we are stupid. I’ll bet when the writer of Proverbs was putting those words down, they had no thoughts of a woman hundreds of years later; working hard, trying her best to be there for her family, and having her children call her blessed, even when she may not qualify for being “deserving”!

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