60 Seconds

In my travels around the area for houses, there are two places that I like to stop and admire. Sometimes the stop is for lunch, if I happen to be in the area. But, I don’t usually stop for lunch. So most of the time, the stops are just for a few minutes.

I wasn’t going to stop today. I was running behind where I wanted to be. I drove by once on the way to an appointment. I was fighting the urge to turn around. So on the way back, I stopped.

I breathed in that wonderful fall air. I walked thru the carpet of yellow and orange leaves down to the lake. And I stood in awe. I took quite a few pictures. I walked down the hill, because I knew where it was. Actually I hadn’t stopped at this place in awhile. I hoped it was still there. I came up over the hill, and yay! It was still there.

I only stayed for a minute. I had to get going.

But just like stopping to smell the flowers, sometimes a person has to stop and enjoy the beauty that God made around them!

Tonight I am thankful for a minute of turning my back to the world and just enjoying the day! It is definitely good for the soul! ❤

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