This was the week that the new barn was supposed to be going up . . . yes, it should have been completed by the end of the week . . we are a few weeks behind schedule.

I’ve been losing my patience just a smidge.

There were days of no-shows. Days of broken equipment. Days of wrong equipment. Ugh.

I know I should have planned to have days of “things-not-going-to-schedule”. But, I was hopeful. I was promised big things. And I was hopeful.

Tonight I am thankful to see PROGRESS today! I will be happy for that!! Weeks behind schedule, BUT, progress!! There was an entire, full day’s work put in over here! And for that I am very thankful!!

P.S. I also bought a lotto ticket when the worker arrived and the machine worked and stuff went like it was supposed to!! Ok, I actually bought more than one lotto ticket!

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