Today I found out that a family member had “unfriended” me from Facebook. I chuckled. I’ve had things restricted for some time.

Life has led me to believe that most people’s beliefs about what a strong family is can fall in to two categories: a) people who have the same blood running thru them, who all gather together regularly or b) people who may or may not be related who love each other and are there for each other, no matter how much they are together. I believe family is the second definition. The one who unfriended me believes the first definition.

I tried for so many years. I forgave. I tried having talks. I tried harder myself. But for some people, it is never enough. I heard all the things said behind my back. I heard the things said to my children. I saw the complete disrespect of me when dealing with my children. And I saw all the things said and done when it was believed that I wasn’t looking.

I gave up a long time ago. The last big interaction was me protecting my children. Which was then turned around in to what a horrible person I was. Ugh. Over it. I was still polite. The last small interaction had faces being made at me when my back was turned . . my kids saw it. I was still polite.

What is very sad is that the family member does not see that my children have seen all of this. I am blamed for relationships between them and my children. But my children have watched this their whole lives. How is a child suppose to respect someone who is so disrespectful of their own mother? How is a child suppose to trust that person? They have now shown my children the two definitions of family.

Today I am thankful that I was “unfriended” on Facebook! More distance is definitely appreciated!

And here’s a picture of my cat being gargoyle . . just because.

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