I did not sleep very well last night.

We have a sleep-talker in the family. I try not to complain about the sleep-talking because at least the kiddo is stationary. I am beyond happy the sleep-walking stopped. The sleep-walking was very concerning! This particular kiddo has been a multi-tasking sleeper from the beginning. There used to be sleep crawling around the crib as an infant. I would peak in the room, thinking the kiddo was awake; but no, just sleep crawling.

Anyway, the sleep-talker was loud last night. The hubster did some sleep-talking last night too. It would have been entertaining if the two had a sleep conversation! But, they did not.

Last night, my oldest-doggo who has arthritis, got tangled in a dangling cord to a Skylander’s Power Portal. *Crash* as she accidentally pulled electronics to the floor. That scared her, she tried to hurry away, but she was too stiff. So she slipped, and pulled more things. Fortunately she started out half-asleep, so she recovered from the whole thing well; got her drink, and went back to bed.

The youngest doggo decided that 3am was a great time for a potty trip outside. And, OH, there are so many good sniffs at 3am!!! How exciting! For the youngest doggo at least . . .

My alarm was set for 4:30am. I was up around 3am. I was awake as could be after all the night-time ruckus!

Tonight I am thankful for a good use of extra time this morning. I may have been only semi-coherent for the rest of the Monday; but I was rocking early this morning!!!

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