Video Game $

I have one kiddo that has likes video games just a wee bit too much. We have discussed what video game addiction is. And . . well . . it’s a work in progress.

Games now a days aren’t like they used to be. It used to be that you’d buy the expensive game, play it, and then it was done. Now you buy the expensive game, subscribe to things online, and the game just keeps updating and changing. And those video game people found that people will pay to add things to change the way their character looks and pay to increase their chances during the game! My kiddo had sights set on a limited-time purchase for the video game. But, my kiddo did not have enough $$ for the purchase.

Tonight I am thankful that over the last few days, my house has gotten a little extra love and cleaning by a kiddo working to earn extra money to buy a video game thing on sale. Not that I’m condoning the extra video game stuff! But, I do like seeing the kiddo work for what they want! And I do like having the wood floors scrubbed amidst lots of other things!

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