Ok, I’ve made a decision. It is a big decision. And it felt great!

See, here’s the thing . . I have a history with bad tax preparers. I have had some very good and reputable companies miss big, huge, thousand dollar things on my taxes. Several years ago I was referred to a company in Lansing. And they have done a great job!!

I have changed some of my business thing things on the advice of this company. And I know realized that I’ve changed too much. I’ve had some issue with some things over the past year or so. But, I’ve cut this company slack with these smaller issues just because they can manage to do my taxes well.

Well I’ve now got a small mess on my hands. I was contemplating working this out with the lady at the company I’ve been using. But after a short, frustrating email exchange today; I made a big decision to part ways. Yep, I’m firing her . . well, I don’t have to actually fire her because I don’t employee her. But, I will no longer be using her services!

So here is what I’m doing now. I am setting some standards of what I want. I mean, my goodness, I pay a good deal of money to have help with this! Why shouldn’t I get good service that will work with what I want to do?! And why haven’t I sought excellence in all areas of assistance that I am paying a professional to help with?!

I am shaking my head at myself. I should have raised the bar a long time ago!

Tonight I am thankful for raising my standards! This weekend I am writing down questions that I want to interview potential new people with! I am excited! This shouldn’t be so hard. And it is time for it to get easier! Well, it may never be easy per-say . . . but it certainly shouldn’t be this hard!

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