This week I have not made our dinner plan for who is making dinner on what night. I need to do that still . .

At some point during today, a kiddo suggested tacos. That sounded good . . Taco Tuesday. Yum, right? I took some burger out of the freezer!

Yes, I did. I took some burger out of the freezer and I think it was maybe around noon. I don’t know . . yesterday was a struggle to keep myself calm and keeping things in a healthy perspective. I was tired most of today. Anyway, yes . . it had to be around noon when I took the frozen burger out of the freezer. Actually, I think it was after 1pm.

Well, needless to day, the burger had not thawed by dinner time. I had some evening appointments today so I didn’t get home until later. And the hubster is overall untrusting of the microwave’s defrost feature (there may be a story behind that distrust; but if there is, I don’t want to hear it!).

Tonight I am thankful for my trusty friend Howie . . as in Hungry Howies. Food for everyone was delivered to my door while I caught up with the hubster about his day. That is a wonderful thing! And, yes, I’ll plan the rest of the dinners for this week tomorrow 🙂

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