I had a Zoom meeting today. During the meeting a kitty of mine climbed on the bookshelf behind me. I saw some smirks from some other meeting attendees.

Then the kitty started itching her ear rather violently. She has over the counter ear drops that seem to help quite a bit.

I had no idea what to do! What is property Zoom etiquette? Grab the kitty and administer the drops? Put a message in the group chat that I do have drops for the kitty and she isn’t neglected? Pretend nothing happened?

Well, I chose the 3rd option. In hindsight, maybe I should have turned off the video and audio and just done the ear drops. But, that didn’t cross my mind in the moment!

Tonight I am thankful that there is like a 99% chance that no one really cares but me! I am also thankful that I did put the ear drops in the kitty right after the Zoom meeting and she is now feeling much better! 🙂

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