I took this picture yesterday. I thought it looked pretty neat.

Behind the scenes – This was probably the 15th picture that I took. I was tired. I tried different angles to hide the tired look. There are dark circles and bags under my eyes; which is why I went with a black and white photo. I then lightened the photo to remove even more visibility to my tired state. Then I posted it “My Story”. I thought it turned out pretty good.

Behind the scenes #2 – I took too long messing with the stupid picture and made myself late for my next appointments. I was speeding, in the snow that was so pretty for the picture, to arrive late to the next places I was supposed to be.

Behind the scenes #3 – later that day I had a Zoom meeting with some business owners from across the country. I decided I needed make-up to be presentable on the Zoom call. I carry a liquid eyeliner in my purse. I am NOT good with liquid eyeliner. This was one that I got in my monthly make-up bag that I split with my girls. I had just thrown it in my purse. The eyeliner had gotten roasting hot and freezing cold in my purse. I found out the hard way that, that can break the eyeliner pen, as the black liquid squeezed in to my eye. I spent the next several minutes to cry and blink and wipe away black liquid over my eyeball, my actual eyeball. Then I tried to fix the mess underneath my eye from the ruined make-up. THEN I tried to reapply what was left very carefully, since I had already lined one eye successfully before the darn thing leaked all over. I was presentable by the time I joined the Zoom meeting without a moment to spare.

Tonight I am thankful, and I pray that you are too, that things are not always what they seem. We are getting close to Christmas. We are getting close to the end of the year. Don’t compare yourself to what you think others are doing. You are doing amazing! There is always a behind the scenes that is much more of a mess than the finished product! Acknowledge your mess, it’s worth struggling thru! There’s a great ending waiting for you!

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