Twenty Minutes

I love that my businesses let me change my schedule to be here when the kiddos need me. This was the whole reason to start my first business almost fifteen years ago. I will always recognize what a huge blessing this is and has been for my family!

That being said, whew I’m glad for Christmas break! For the past three weeks a kiddo has been going to driver’s training from 3:15 to 5:15, at a location twenty minutes from our house. He has had his scheduled class time and random driving times. And this same kiddo has been going up to the school for the past week and a half. And another kiddo has been going to learning appointments located a half hour away, twice a week, in the middle of the day. This has been difficult to schedule around!!

Tonight I am thankful that kiddo appointments are on hold for two weeks for the holidays! Well, except for next week when there are kiddo doctor and orthodontist appointments. And except for next week when there is just one learning appointment a half hour away. But, I’m still thankful! It will still be less appointments! I may be able to stay focused on a task for longer than 20 minutes! Yay!

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