Cleaning House

Alright, let’s be honest . . not all of us are born with this deep, deep desire to clean every square inch of their homes. Me, that’s me. I was not born with this deep, deep desire to clean my house. I prefer to spend my time with my family and working for my clients with my businesses. A good percent of the time I would prefer to put blinders on, walk thru my house, and spend my time on the things I prefer.

I know that there are people who love to keep their house spic and span. On occasion I wish I had that natural desire. Just like I wish that I naturally liked to eat vegetables. I wish I naturally liked the taste of coffee. I wish my hair was naturally a little thicker. And I wish that I naturally was less of a klutz.

But, hey . . this is life! I’m ok with things how they are! Except my house . . . it needs to be cleaner. And I suck at keeping it clean.

Recently we have gotten the PMI removed from our mortgage. (Working those baby steps with Financial Peace!!) The hubster and I went over our budget and have decided that we are going to take part of the now-gone PMI dollars and pay for some help with the house once or twice a month.

Why am I writing this out for the world to see?

Well, I’ve known something for awhile. And I think it is helpful to share. For most things, I am truly uncaring for social expectations, traditional norms, etc. But the cleanliness of a house is somehow tied in to how well I take care of my family. And taking care of my family is the most important thing in the world to me. So I feel that I should be doing this.

But, I am accepting that taking care of my family is getting help when we need it. I don’t try to do my kids braces myself. I don’t try to clean our septic tank myself. And I don’t need to do try to clean everything with this house myself.

Tonight I am thankful for slowly accepting myself for not being able to do everything by myself. Tonight I am thankful that we have been working hard at paying off debt for years now and have freedom to do things we couldn’t do five years ago! And I will be thankful for a regularly cleaner house coming up soon!

P.S. If anyone would like a copy of Dave Ramsey’s Total Money MakeOver, please let me know! I am happy to give one to anyone who would like to read the steps we are working to have Financial Peace!!

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