Almost Made It

A few weeks ago I binder clipped Dollar Tree tinsel to the driveway markers at my house. It looked so festive! It’s blown down a few times and I’ve had to fix it. I was hoping it could make it until Christmas!

Oh, and I wrapped empty boxes with wrapping paper and stuck them over a few of the driveway markers. It looked great!

I got home today to see that the wind is not a very festive Christmas fan! Two presents had pulled the driveway markers out of the ground. The tinsel had came apart, blown across the driveway, and wrapped itself around a tree. I was literally blocked out of my own driveway by two different pieces of tinsel! It was a hostile Christmas take-over!

Tonight I am thankful for the weeks that the tinsel lasted well and looked great! We almost made it until Christmas!

OH! And I am thankful that the hubster decided that he liked the tinsel also! So next year we’ll have a more permanent set-up than Dollar Tree tinsel and office binder clips! And we’ll probably add lights!

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