My Heart

Oh this lady here has my heart!

All of my childhood Christmas Eves were wrapped in the love she gave as we all gathered at Grandma and Grandpa’s house! From wrapping paper fights to homemade cinnamon rolls, every year was something to be cherished with the love that filled their little house!

This Christmas is different for most people. And when you have such a sweet 94 year old lady to protect from germs . . well, you have to get creative! My own sweet Mom thought about Christmas Caroling. So my family and I came out to stand in the cold and sing to a woman who couldn’t hear us, but loved seeing us ❤ (And my Mom had prepared hot chocolate ready for us to warm up with on our drive home!)

Then we zoomed straight home! My wonderful extended family had cleared some time tonight to do a Christmas Eve Zoom call! Grandma loved it!! She doesn’t understand all the technology stuff. But she sure loves it when it lets her see her family! ❤

Tonight I am thankful for a Christmas Eve where we got to bring the magic to the woman who always made the holidays magical for us! I absolutely love the look on her face here! I may have to make this my screen saver for awhile!

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