In October of this year there was fraudulent activity involving my debit card. I called the bank and had the card deactivated. It took a bit of time to get my new card. Apparently there is a separate person at the bank that needs to be taught to to send the new card. The first person I talked to only deactivated the old card to stop the fraud.

During that time I had the old card in my purse and just kind of carried it around until the new card came to replace it. Or so I thought.

The hubster’s debit card expires and he was sent a new card.  Now the timing of the story is almost comical. On the day that the new card came for the hubster, I tried to activate it for him with the automated system. That did not work. And it said he had to call and talk to someone. So the next day talk he took his new card and the phone number to work with him, but never called.

That day I tried to use my card at a drive through and it was declined. The drive-thru person told me that their machine had been having troubles that day. So I didn’t think too much about it. But then I stopped to get gas and my card still didn’t work! I called the hubster and told him he had to call the bank and get his new card straightened out right away!  And that it seemed to be giving my card troubles. That was yesterday. He did call the bank and got his new card working. But it did take the guy quite a while because there was something messed up.

Today I ordered a Shipt Shopper to be ready for New Year’s Eve. When I hit send on the order, it came up that my card was not working. So I called the bank. I was on hold for at least 15 minutes. And then, as I was talking to the bank person, I realized that for all three of the prior transactions I had tried to use my old card that I had deactivated months ago.

Tonight I am thankful that there really wasn’t anything wrong with my card. I’m thankful that the husband’s card works. And I’m thankful that I finally took the card out of my purse and won’t have this trouble again! 🙂

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