Once a year, the Dave Ramsey show dedicates an entire show on giving. This is usually done on Christmas Eve. This is been such a wacky time, that I completely forgot about the giving show. Well, I watched it this morning! One of the stories really stood out. There was a lady sharing her story who had helped a single mom. And years later ran into the woman she had helped. There were a few other details to the story, but the main thing that stood out to me, besides the generosity, was what the woman said. She said they had given her the biggest gift. And it was not the things that they gave. It was hope.

I think that translates well as a good message for this New Year’s Eve.

Some people like to make New Year’s Eve resolutions. I try to continually make goals. But New Year’s Eve is always a good time for me, personally, to try to do a reset on things in life that need to be reset. Or to put new goals down on paper.

I have seen some other posts, as I do every year, about how the New Year’s resolutions are frivolous. And many are. But what if we change the dynamic here? What if the best things about New Year’s resolutions are not the resolutions themselves? But what if the best thing about New Year’s resolutions, is to give ourselves hope of the possibilities that lay before us? If you dream that anything is possible, it becomes empowering. And when you have hope, you are unstoppable.

I know that in 2020 I did not meet several of the goals that I had set out for. So, in a way, I failed those goals. But I think better than that; I adjusted those goals for the new reality that was set before me, and I did not quit. So, in a bigger way, although I did not meet the goals that were set 365 days ago; having the hope at that time for the goals and keeping hope throughout the year of the adjusted goals, is an even bigger when, than if I had met those original goals.

Tonight, I am thankful for the celebration of the new year!  I am thankful for the hope that comes with a blank slate of time.  And I hope that you feel empowered to make the best of whatever the days ahead hold in store!!

Happy New Year from Momma’s Silver Lining!!

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