Ok, ok, let’s talk money.

In yesterday’s post I mentioned some money related things. And I feel like I should follow up on that.

Yes, many years ago the hubster and I had charged credit cards to the max. We had gotten other cards, transferred the balances at a lower interest rate, and charged the cards back up. We had a mortgage, and a second mortgage. We had two car loans. We had my student loan. If there was a way to borrow money; we had done it. Then the hubster lost his job. And I lost the biggest client (due to a buy-out) of my newly formed business. Our house of cards fell quickly. And I felt hopeless, anxious, and scared.

After that, we decided we would do things differently. We added some debt back in after the bankruptcy to rebuild our credit; to be able to buy a house again. We both worked liked crazy. We played the numbers game, built our credit scores back up, waited the required time, and bought a house again.

We had a mortgage. We had car loans. We had my student loans. We had less credit card debt. And we overall did have a better financial situation. Then the hubster got in an accident in the company vehicle and ended up being let go. And that same anxiety and fear gripped right in to my heart, as if we were going to lose everything again. We didn’t. And in my head, I knew we weren’t going to. But the feelings were real.

That was when I decided we weren’t as smart as we thought we were. The first time, we knew we weren’t doing our best. This second time, we thought we were doing better. But, I wanted to build us up so that we would NEVER have those feelings come again due to finances. I searched the internet and found this guy, Dave Ramsey. I started reading his book. The first few pages were pretty direct . . almost insulting to my fragile ego at that point. I kept reading. And that was it. It all made sense.

Today, we are much better than back then. We had to relearn the things that we thought about finances. But, I can testify that Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace program is aptly named. We are still on our journey! But, we’ve had more peace about our finances than ever before. And we are looking forward to our future and our children’s future with what we have learned and are still learning!

Tonight I am thankful that there is always a better way! If you don’t like where you are, you get to change it. But, don’t change for the sake of change. Do your research! Educate yourself! And then change for the better! We are working on it! And we are excited to see what lies ahead! Hope is a powerful thing!

*P.S. I will be hosting my 3rd Financial Peace class later this year. Message me if you’d like more info!

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