Last night I prepared for this morning. I wanted time to plan. Quiet time, with no interruptions. That is difficult in my home.

Weekdays I wake up between 4 and 5am, depending on the day. When I wake up at 4am, the doggo wakes up at 4am. Our youngest doggo is the quirky. He wakes up sleepy. It takes him 5 to 20 minutes to wake up and get his head unfoggy. During that time, the doggo will whine that he has to go outside. But if any human opens the door or walks towards him; he will turn and run back to his bed. After a human can get the doggo outside, he will tinkle. That is all. Even if he is outside for 10 minutes. Then he will come back in. He will be inside for 2 to 5 minutes and then he will need to go back outside to go number 2. Every. Single. Morning. Then the older dogs will be woken up and want to go outside. The cats will then be awake and want breakfast too.

Anyway, that was probably more information that you wanted. But, I’m trying to paint a clear picture that waking up early does not necessarily equal concentration time with no distractions.

Ok, so last night I brought my planners in to my bedroom. I even remembered to bring a pen! I woke up quietly. I hesitantly turned on the light. I heard the doggo whine. But I ignored him! I let other family members play the animal game this morning! It felt great to make some plans and goals with no interuptions!

Tonight I am thankful for some quiet time this morning!! I may have to try this again 🙂

And for your viewing pleasure, here is my Mitty Kitty enjoying some yummies.

No description available.

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