Learning (& Brain Fatigue!)

Whew! I had set aside today to work on a class to get better at a side of my business. The author of the class had great reviews and feedback! I was looking forward to it.

It had a slow start. By the 3rd session I was wondering how long I could hang on. But that 4th session . . . WOW! Ok, totally worth the money right there. I had stop after the 4th. My brain was shocked. I needed to stop there. Now I am reeling. I have some work to do before I move on to session 5!!

I took a break from that and came and worked on our website for Country Chronicles. I am not a web designer. Updating these things sometimes pushes my mental abilities to the max! In hindsight, probably not the best thing to do after just shocking my brain with the class! But, it is done! Ok, well it isn’t done. It needs a little more tweaking. Feel free to check it out and let me know what you think!

Country Chronicles | Enjoying Life in the Country! (mycountryc.com)

Tonight I am thankful for learning some big things today! I am thankful that the website is coming along! And I am thankful that I am heading down to our basement gym! My brain sure got a work out today. But my body has been a slug! It is time to even that score!

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