This week had an obscene amount of zoom meetings for a gal like me!

Now, I’m not complaining . . I mean, in Zoom meetings, I can stay home. And most of the meetings were Zoom. But, I rarely do TEN meetings in a week. I’m not counting client meetings. Client meetings don’t fall in to this category I’m about to discuss – because I like client meetings 🙂 That is where my heart is happy, with serving my clients!

These were flat out business-type meetings. I had to be prepared and have all my information straight. The accountant, the HR company, an investment meeting, and more.

So here is what I learned – I need to not only schedule time for preparing for meetings and time for the meeting itself; I also need to schedule a decompressing time for myself! These are meetings that are a little outside my normal range of operation. And I need recovery time. And that is ok!

Tonight I am thankful that I made it thru my week-of-lots-of-meetings! And I am thankful that I learned a little something about how to schedule these better so that the week is not defined by the lots of meetings!! Always learning!!

Cartoon Meeting Or Conference Round The Table Royalty Free Cliparts,  Vectors, And Stock Illustration. Image 31993569.

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