My Game-Boy

I have one kiddo in particular that likes video games a little too much. We have discussed with the kiddo what video game addiction is. And how we should combat against it.

Like anything in life, games can be better with a friend! And I am invited regularly to come and play games. I am not a big gamer. This saddens my video-addicted kiddo.

For Christmas this year, a new Mario game was added to our household. And now, it has been revealed that I am a sucker for old-school Mario. This new Mario game incorporates a lot of the old-school Mario! I like it! Now I have a kiddo that keeps bringing a Nintendo Switch and trying to get me to play. He has also discovered how much I like Yoshi!

Tonight I am thankful (a little bit) that my game-kiddo has a game that I can enjoy playing with him. I am even more thankful for how happy the kiddo is with a game we can play happily together!

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