I was having a conversation today and it was suggested that I provide something additional to my team at my brokerage. When I asked for specifics, the conversation went in circles. I could tell the other person had something more in mind. So I asked for it. I said I wanted to know. And it stung a little bit.

Words have a way of doing that some times. There wasn’t anything untrue that was said. And it was an area that I knew I needed to work on for awhile now. But, ouch. My pride was a little sore and my emotions were trying to dance all over.

I said a prayer and started about calming myself down. Ok, this was valuable feedback no matter how I felt at the time. So I started thinking of how I could use this feedback to make things better.

Then later in the day, there was another conversation with another team member that piggy-backed on my earlier conversation and I saw again how I could make things better; in the same area as the first feedback. Ok, I got the message loud and clear. Sometimes I pray and ask God to “hit me over the head” because I’m not seeing something. I can verify that God answers prayers!

Tonight I am thankful for valuable insight in to improving processes here at the brokerage that will benefit everyone! I am thankful that I wasn’t too proud to admit that I can use some improving – although I really didn’t want to admit how poorly I’ve done in this one particular area. I am thankful that I think I have the start to a good plan to make things better!

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