I Tried . . .

I have pretty thin hair. All my kiddos have pretty thick hair. This has led to some hair situations over the years, as I have had to learn how to help with thick hair. I’m not that great at it. All of my specialized hair knowledge is revolved around trying to make thin hair look thicker! That does not help at all with my kiddos.

Several weeks ago I saw an ad for some hair things that looked like they might work for my girls! They weren’t priced overly high. So I ordered them. Today they finally came!

Well, they are still not strong enough to hold all the hair on one kiddo. It held on the other kiddo, but not all her hair is the same length yet. So it worked on like half of her hair. On my hair . . well sure . . I don’t max out hair-holding-capacity on hair accessories.

Tonight I am thankful that these things are at least fun to play with. If they never hold my kiddos’ hair up for one day, at least a kiddo had fun sticking them all over my head!

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