What’s One More?

I was there for an appraisal. It was cold. The house was a foreclosure. For some reason the listing agent wanted to meet me there – sorry real estate agents, there isn’t usually a really good reason to meet an appraiser at a house in my opinion. I can open doors. I can turn on lights. And when agents talk to me while I’m trying to look around, it’s just distracting.

This particular agent was on the phone when I walked in. Good! I started walking around, taking my pictures, and writing my notes before he could derail my appraisal-groove. Then the realtor got off the phone and told me that he had a bedroom door closed because there was a cat in there.

He seemed a little afraid of the cat. He was trying to get a rescue to come out immediately and get the cat. The rescues he had called so far could not guarantee when they could send someone. I approached the cat slowly. The poor thing was scared. The cat let me pet it. It was so thin! It tried to move away and it was obviously very weak.

I offered to take the cat home. The agent was relieved. When I went to get the cat, it had wedged itself by the furnace. It took a little bit to get the cat out. I bundled it in my coat and walked it to my van. It didn’t hiss or fuss. She knew I was there to save her.

I brought her home and we put her in a pen, safe from our existing pets. She was very weak and didn’t need to try to interact right then. It took her several weeks to get healthy again. Lots of days of broth, trying solid food, going back to broth, etc. Finally she was healthy!

Now she likes the food bin left open. She likes to sit with the food and feel comforted. She loves to be held. A year later she still closes her eyes and looks so happy, just soaking up every second of love. ❤

Tonight I am thankful for finding Eddie a year ago today! We really do have plenty of animals. But, there is always room for one more. Miss Eddie chose to spend her Gotcha-Day morning jumping in to the cupboard and sitting on the paper plates . . . don’t worry we threw away the top plate! Miss Eddie likes to try to climb in cupboards, she knows we keep food in some of them. She also likes to try to climb in the refrigerator. She isn’t starving anymore by any means! But I think her inclinations of feeling safe when she sees lots of food will just always be a part of her story ❤

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