Myself and two kiddos went shopping this evening. I told them on the way that we would be doing two carts today. This is not an anomaly for us. I’ve been doing two carts off and on for almost thirteen years now.

When I go to the store, I look at clearances, sales, and use coupons. We have six people in our house; which includes 3.9 teenagers. And all the kiddos are doing virtual school for the most part. We consume a bit of items.

Anyway, this evening was to be a shopping for the upcoming week; including an array of gluten-free items for a kiddo that has been having some issues. We also needed cat food for our approximately 350 cats (just kidding! Kind of . . ) and dog food for the three dogs. And we found that a good number of clearance items were on sale 1/2 off the clearance prices. Yep, we filled the two carts. And we got looks from other shoppers like we were hoarders. I’m telling you, by the time this whole pandemic thing is over, I may make a shirt just to wear shopping that says that we normally shop this way!!! Pandemic shopping . . please, it is just a Saturday!

Tonight I am thankful for a house ready to support our family for the week to come! It is a good feeling! Tomorrow I’ll iron out the dinner plans for the week and who is cooking what dinner. For now I know we have the things to make the dinners . . and breakfasts, lunches, and snacks too!

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