Yesterday I stopped in at Wal-Mart really quick. I just had to pick up a few things.

And there, in the distance, I saw the great beckoning sign, “CLEARANCE”. I went quickly to the item I entered the store for, with only a quick glance in the Clearance rack’s direction.

But, after I had my items, I had to walk towards the check-outs. And I had to walk by the Clearance racks again . . This time I was not so strong-willed. I checked the time. I had a few minutes to spare. I went around quickly, scanning the racks for treasures. Something caught my eye. I checked the size. I checked the price. And I put it in my cart.

Tonight I am thankful for my new TWO DOLLAR pants! They are comfy and I love them 🙂 Oh, and they were two dollars! Only two dollars! I am quite proud of my Two Dollar pants!

Yes, I still have a Christmas tree up . . it is only a half a tree in my office . . . And yes, that is a fall garden gnome holding a pumpkin. Honestly I’m not sure how he got put back in my office . . . but he seems to like Christmas!

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