We took a quick trip down memory lane tonight ❤ We were looking for a picture for a kiddo to use for school.

This picture here made me smile. First of all, I forgot that I used to have my eyebrows that thin! Secondly, during this time, I was learning to be a real estate appraiser.

I wanted to stay home with my babies! I was going to stay home with my babies! There was no way around it! I just had to find a way to make it happen.

We never did daycare. Around the time of this picture I was working nights around the hubster’s schedule so that he could watch the kids while I was at work. I would close down the store, get home around 1 am, get a few hours of sleep; then get up, get the babies ready, and go learn how to be an appraiser.

When I started doing appraisals more on my own, we moved my computer in to the closet in the living room. We put a baby gate across the closet opening to keep the baby-kiddos away from my computer. And I could work while I watched the kiddos.

Sixteen years ago. Wow. A lot of work, a lot of prayers, a lot of tears, a lot of smiles, and a lot of love! At the time of this picture, I knew things would be difficult. I had no idea how difficult how hard it would be; but it didn’t matter. At the time of this picture, I knew things would be good. I had no idea how good things would be; but I knew I was ready to find out!

Tonight I am thankful for looking at some old pictures ❤ This girl in the picture, holding her babies, knew that God had a way to bless her heart’s desire to stay home with her babies! This girl prayed often that she wouldn’t completely screw it up! This girl here has a hindsight view now of some things done really right and some things that totally could have done better! I will always be so thankful for the chance to be a Mommy to these kiddos (and the two kiddos not born yet in this picture). I turned my world upside for them, to be here with them. And I’d do it all again in an instant for them ❤

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