One Hour

For all the things on my calendar and sitting at my desk, I can admit that I spent an entire hour this morning watching Punxsutawney Phil footage.

I have tuned in to the livestream before the weather predictions in the past. And usually the footage of people milling about isn’t super entertaining to me. But today, without people there, they had put together great clips of celebrations of years past.

It looks great! Those people know that their celebration is silly. And that’s why they like it! They have so many things planned for the festival with the sole purpose of having silly, ungrounded fun! I love it!

I used to want to go to Punxsutawney for Ground Hog’s Day . . . until I found out how many people go there! I am not a thousands-of-people-crowd kind of girl! But, it sure was fun to watch this morning when I should have been working!!

Tonight I am thankful for a fun morning watching videos and laughing! I thought for a few hearty laughs that I might wake up my sleeping kiddos! It was a hoot!

May be an image of outdoors and text that says 'For the record, Winter will last until it's over. (And then it will be Spring)'

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