Metal Skills!

The hubster and I had been looking for a different vehicle for awhile. The kiddos are growing. And the minivan was just not made to haul around six adult sized people . . especially when some of them tend to get carsick.

We were being picky with what we wanted. It had to be bigger to easily support the six adult sized people. The hubster wanted it to be four wheel drive, so we could go anywhere we wanted. The kiddos wanted extra room, so as to not have to touch each other. It had to not have a ton of miles, because we want it to last for several adventures. And, of course, we didn’t want to spend a lot of money.

I had went to see one vehicle. The mileage was good! The price was ~meh~. And the other criteria were met. When I arrived to look at it, WOAH! Lots of rust. Nope. It was definitely going to be a Nope.

But this vehicle kept popping up in my searches. The seller kept dropping the price. Every week! Finally the price was getting to where it might be worth it for the condition of the thing! The hubster and I headed out. I had warned him of the rust. I had showed him pictures. I had told him how great the thing drove. We arrived to see it. It still drove great. The rust was still a concern. And the seller dropped the price again verbally to us. So we bought it.

I drove it to a friend’s house, who happens to be amazing with metal and all things crafty. He saw the rust and WASN’T scared of the job!

Tonight we picked up the vehicle. And look!! He did a great job!! If anyone needs some metal work done, I’ve got a good place to send you! A kiddo saw these pictures and think he may be a magician! 🙂

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