Hello, I am a Computer – Killer. Every 2 years, like clockwork . . my computer dies or starts to die.

It was actually almost comical. I had been in denial about my dying computer this time. I kept cleaning old files, thinking I could keep it going a little longer. Finally it was time to break down and order a new computer. I brought up my last computer, as I have liked it. So ordering the newer model of the same thing sounded like a good plan.

Here’s the funny thing, I ordered my last computer on February 1, 2019. I ordered this new computer on January 30, 2021. I mean, that’s pretty close to exactly 2 years!

Well, the new computer is here. And I started getting it ready to use this afternoon. So far, it is going very well.

Tonight I am thankful for a computer that will work well and do all the great things that a computer should do! I am also thankful for operating more in the cloud . . this is probably the fastest computer set-up that I’ve ever done!

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