I did a post years ago about my head. And now I’m doing another one.

I’ve had a flaky head for probably close to three decades now. I have tried “dandruff” shampoos and conditioners; they make it worse. For a little while I saw improvement with an apple cider vinegar mixture. More recently I’ve been using a Rosemary Mint shampoo/conditioner . It definitely helps. But it doesn’t fix everything.

Last year I was giving myself a perm in the morning, had to drive the kids to school, and chemically burned my scalp with the perm solution by the time I got back home. That helped with the flaky-ness for months! I was so excited!

When I was a kid, and sometimes as an adult when I got really desperate, I would put regular lotion on my scalp. It would get caked in my hair. And . . just . . yuck! But it would help a little.

Ok, now fast forward to about two weeks ago. The Rosemary Mint stuff had seemed to become less and less effective. I would try not to care. But, come on, it is so noticeable! I found a different shampoo and conditioner that looked to be mostly all natural and had good reviews.

The shampoo was tingly! I was hopeful that meant it might be working. The conditioner was even more tingly! I was even more hopeful! And now, after several shampoos and conditions; I must say this stuff is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Like, where has it been all my life amazing!! After the very first use, it was like night and day. No flakes, whatsoever! And the following shampoos and conditions were just as good!

Tonight I am thankful for finding this shampoo and conditioner! I feel like a person with a normal head . . . like . . for the first time ever . . especially in the dry winter-time!

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