Self-Care Day

Today has been a self-care day in a different light. I have worked all day long. That doesn’t sound like self-care. But it can be.

I may suck at scheduling. But I am exceptional at prioritizing. This is a blessing and a curse. I can pick out the top things that need to be done and easily set the other things aside. This type of skill can land me with piles of things to-do, until the things in the to-do pile have worked their way up the prioritizing order of things!

This pile has been growing and eating away at my sanity.

So today, for self-care and self-preservation, I have been working since around 5am this morning; taking big chunks out of this pile of things to-do.

I have heard the below Quadrant explained that things in Quadrant II can easily move to Quadrant I when they are not done. And that is where I’m at. I can prioritize Urgent and Important. The other three quadrants are not my specialty. But, I’m a work in progress!

Tonight I am thankful that I will soon be caught up with things that need to be done. AND then I will be able to change process going forward to be better and more efficient! I’ve had these other plans for weeks and haven’t been able to work on them! It is driving me nuts! I will soon be caught up and able to improve things for the future. That is self-care for sure!

Image result for urgent important quadrant

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