Intentionally Working On It

About two years ago I really felt God dealing with me on the systems that I have in my business. I was intentional at that time to improve the systems that I had. And I had some good systems in place.

Last year, I left some of those systems, for no reason other than I wasn’t intentionally sticking to them. This year I am getting back on track AND improving!

I am very fortunate to have wonderful people that I work with. They know my heart and I think that helps them forgive my lack of intentional clarity at times! This afternoon I received an email to move forward in my appraisal business for a potential client that was first contacted three years ago. And tomorrow will be another major piece of the puzzle in building stronger systems in my appraisal business.

In yesterday’s business leadership group meeting I was in, some truly great perspective was discussed to help with better communication and empowerment for my real estate team with the brokerage.

Tonight I am thankful for being intentionally better with business. I set some goals for the businesses. They are good goals! And they are only achievable and beneficial for my wonderful team members if I stay on course! So I will 🙂

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