Masks are always a topic of debate. High school sports are a topic of debate. Let’s set that aside for a moment and have a discussion about sports popcorn.

I have loved that the Sun Theater has been having their Popcorn-To-Go. I am a popcorn connoisseur. So I need a regular popcorn fix.

It takes life to a different level being around sports-ing events with no popcorn. I am totally fine with wearing my mask as I watch the sports being all sporty. But . . . no popcorn . . . I mean, if it were available, I could just stand 6 feet away from people, dump the popcorn in to my mask, and munch away while being a satisfied sports spectator!

In fact, my kiddos, who feel that I yell too much at sports-ing events, would most likely be willing to sign a petition that I, personally, be allowed to have a popcorn filled mask at all times! Then I would have a mouth full of popcorn and not be able to yell as much!

Tonight I am thankful for watching a sports-ing event where everyone was being safe! Seriously, I wrote this to be silly about missing the popcorn. BUT, seriously, I wouldn’t mind dumping popcorn in to my mask and munching away!

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