So here’s a funny thing. Well, not like funny – ha ha. But funny, like ironic.

I’ve been talking to my daughters about make-up. There are sooooo many more make-up products now than there was when I was a teenager. And now there is youtube and all the video stuff to see how to actually use the many, many make-ups. Like, seriously, I think the companies have made up new make-up terms and products just to put them in videos and sell them. And tonight I saw a video of a mom and daughter comparing teenage make-up routines of now and back in the 90s! Funny, huh?? Interesting timing.

So, *when* I do my make-up now-a days, I use a max of 4 products. I don’t know what all the other ones do. And I truly do not care to learn. I go down the make-up aisle and get confused. If you’re thinking “well maybe she should use more products!” Save it . . I don’t care . . I’m not at all interested in what you think of my look. I’m happy the days I remember to use eyeliner before rushing out the door.

So, ok, I get that there is your face, and you put on the make-up Heinz 57 products variety, and then your face is different. But, here is a question . . . why? I was once a teenager, I did dabble in make-up a bit. I guess I cared a little more then. But . . .

Seriously. Why so many?

So, ladies and gents, I will offer to you, my humble opinion that you don’t need a 5 hour make-up tutorial or an extra linen closet to hold all the beauty products. I would be lying if I said I didn’t believe in make-up at all. I use it.

But I think the goal of make-up to be a way to change anything that you believe to be a imperfection is not a healthy path to follow.

Tonight I am thankful to hopefully be a voice of reason for my kiddos who are being told that they need to put on war paint every day to present themselves to the world. Make-up is a help . . like a hair clip is a help. Always be yourself! Don’t feel you need to transform yourself to be beautiful. My Grandma used to say “Pretty is as Pretty does”. And it’s true. The most beautiful face in the world looks ugly when it is tied to an evil heart. And the most typical face in the world looks beautiful when it smiles filled with love!

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