Goofy Things

I try to be a good parent, I really do. There are some parts of myself that are not necessarily the best role model. And, well, when kiddos get to be in their teenage years, they find it important to point out these things out.

So, I’ll just lay some of it out here:
I am a hopeless jaywalker . . I consider it good when I remember to look for cars!
I don’t always pay attention to signs.
I go in the Out door.
I go out the In door.
I have sometimes inadvertently cut in front of others in line because I wasn’t paying attention to lines of people.
I walk out in front of people with shopping carts.

Well . . I guess that is a pretty fair list for now!

Tonight I am thankful that even though I walk right past No Trespass signs without noticing them, (and my kiddos point out the signs); I am thankful that there are big important things that I do better at!! I hope my kids remember the good things I don’t mess up as well as all the goofy things I do!

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