Something Different

We are a pizza loving family! We definitely have a favorite pizza place. And we have a second favorite. After that, I think we love them all the same . .

Until now! We don’t usually get Dominos. There isn’t one in the next adjacent towns. And when we go farther away than that, we just don’t usually think of Dominos.

Well tonight we got Dominos. We got one regular pizza, one gluten free pizza, a toasted sub sandwich, chicken alfredo, parmesan bread bites, and garlic bread twists. What Yumminess!!! The whole family is happy and full!

Tonight I am thankful for mixing up our pizza ordering tonight! And, by the way, I am kind of in love with the parmesan bread bites now!!

Domino's Pizza on Twitter: "A beautiful Parmesan Bread Bites sight. 👀… "

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