Getting Back

Last November I read about cheap AirBnb rates with less people traveling. The kiddos had never been to the ocean, so we booked a condo on Myrtle Beach! We told them as a surprise at Christmas. And they’ve been waiting!

We are fans of the National Lampoon Vacation movies . . but we didn’t want to BE them. On our way down, the battery light kept flickering. Then it was staying on. The first auto shop said to change the battery, so we did. This helped for a very limited time. The second auto shop said it was the alternator and sent us to a very nice man who changed it in driveway, in front of his shop with a flashlight! On our way back to the highway, there was a wrong turn made, crossing an elevated median to get on the correct side; and well . . when we arrived five+ hours late, we knew this was a trip we’d laugh about for years to come!

The condo had the most beautiful view ❤ It was almost difficult to go do anything, because the sound of the waves was so relaxing and the view was so gorgeous!

But we do go do things 🙂 And we had a fantastic time!

Tonight I am thankful for a wonderful spring break vacation! 🙂 A great time was had by all! ❤

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