Budget Meeting

Today the hubster and I had a dreaming-budget meeting for the rest of 2021. For the last few years now, we have made a list of bigger budget items that we’d like to get done in a year. Sometimes the list changes thru the year, sometimes it doesn’t. But it is good to have some goals set out!

And I have just come to appreciate these budget meetings more and more! Our monthly budget meetings aren’t quite as fun. I still don’t like being forced to look at our food bill . . or my online Amazon shopping. But, I do appreciate the results of the monthly budget meetings for sure.

Just back from vacation, I am now of the belief that every vacation for the rest of my life will have me thankful for learning about Dave Ramsey, Financial Peace, and learning to have a good plan for our money. There was a vacation that haunts me. Honestly, I don’t really even remember where we went. But it was before I knew who Dave Ramsey was. We charged the whole trip on credit cards, leaving little room until the cards were maxes. I was very uneasy doing that.
We came home to find a storm had came thru and made a mess with trees in our yard at the time; and my computer had been fried, even though it was plugged in to a surge protector. My computer is imperative for work. So I had to charge the credit card up the rest of the way to replace it. It was sickening. I didn’t enjoy any of that vacation. It was so stressful, before, during, and after. I knew before we left, but that vacation proved it, that a vacation is not relaxing just because you leave home. Your worries and your stress go with you on vacation if you don’t actually have a plan to fix the problem.

Tonight I am thankful for finding Dave Ramsey, Financial Peace, and budgeting correctly! I thought for many years that I could never budget because my income was not consistent. I was so wrong! And now, as Dave would say, “I tell my money where to go, instead of wondering where it went”!

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