Captain’s Log:
1st Day back after vacation was challenging.
– Alarm clock setting on the phone seemed to be in-destructable.
– In half awake state, an old frail towel was chosen for shower . . that broke.
– 7:30am Covid test for student athlete was completed successfully!
– Late for 1st meeting.
– Unprepared for 2nd meeting.
– Couldn’t find notes for 3rd meeting.
– Left late for appointment.
– Mask went in to my eye, fell down the last two stairs at a house.
– Was late getting student athlete to practice.
– Student athlete was late ending practice (unrelated to late drop-off).
– Late student athlete made me late to evening appointment.

Tonight I am thankful that: 1) I did get up eventually from the annoying alarm clock, 2) I had hot water to shower with, 3) No Covid in this house! 4) 1st meeting went well 5) 2nd meeting had very understanding people, 6) 3rd meeting went well with no past notes, 7) people weren’t mad at appointment, 8) I didn’t break anything when I fell, 9) student athlete was not too late, 10) evening appointment went well despite my tardiness.

Captain’s Log Recap: not all days will be fantastic, but there is always lots to be grateful for! ❤

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