Farmer’s Market . . in My Driveway!

There are a few things that I regularly have great intentions for, but poor follow thru. One of those things is Farmer’s Markets. I love Farmer’s Markets! And I love supporting local farmers and businesses! But, I rarely remember to between certain hours on certain days of the week.

Then, the Google, the stalker, somehow placed an ad in front of my face for this place:

First I thought, What a great variety!!!

Then I checked the map, and they deliver to me!!

Lastly, I ordered some of this yumminess!

Tonight I am thankful that our first household order will be delivered to us tomorrow! I am very excited to see the quality and deliciousness! I will report back! I promise! For now, it is exciting! 🙂 Almost like Christmas Eve . . . but not quite to that level yet 🙂

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