3.9 to 4.0

Today is the last day of having 3.9 teenagers in the house.

Yes, tomorrow, the youngest kiddo becomes a teenager!

I know the going phrase is “where did the time go?”. I don’t like that. I don’t like the regretful tone in there.

So I’ll answer that instead – the time went by filled with love, good times, difficult times, ordinary times, struggles, victories, and wonderful memories. I won’t sit here wistfully and think where did the time go. I have loved the time that has past and I am excited for the time in the future. Mostly, I am choosing to fully celebrate the moments we are in right now!

Tomorrow we will be a household with four teenagers. I love it! And I wouldn’t change a thing! These are my favorite people in the entire world ❤ God planned a wonderful family for me and I am so very thankful!

Tonight I am thankful for our loud house, our messy calendar, our large food bill, our laughter, our little moments, our big moments; my family, my wonderful kiddos, and my endearing hubster ❤
Oh, and I am thankful for our critters too ❤

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