Dude, Where’s My Car?

Who likes Adam Sandler? I love The Wedding Singer 🙂 In that one, he sings a song about growing old with the one you love.

I think there should be a sequel about growing old and forgetful with the one you love 😉

Ok, why do I think this? This afternoon I was out doing Realtor stuff. The hubster and I had a meeting scheduled. We met at Meijer and left my car. I hopped in with him and away we went.

After our meeting, we drove home. When we pulled in the driveway he asked where my car was. Thinking he had moved my car as a joke, I asked him where he moved it to? He was the first one to figure out that we had left my car in the parking lot! Oops!

Tonight I’m thankful for someone to grow forgetful with! 😉 At least we will always be entertaining!!!

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