Plans Change

Once upon a time I knew with great certainty what my life was going to be like. 15/16 year old me was going to graduate high school, go to college for a degree in journalism, get a sheep dog, get an older style truck, and drive around the country writing for a magazine. Great plan, right?

God had better plans. Instead 16 year old me met one of the most irritating, frustrating, exciting, and endearing men. We fell in love, got married, and had the world’s four most wonderful kiddos 🙂

During that time this feller and I had soooo many fights, soooo many misunderstandings, and sooooo many times when things could have went another way. There are moments that stand out in my head where the boy is lucky I did not kill him (and any jury would have been on my side!). There are words that he has said that still make my blood boil, after years of forgiving him and moving on. But there are moments that touched my heart like nothing else in this world ever has. And there are words that he has said that will always make my heart smile.

There are times that our world was shaken up and turned upside down. There are times we held on to each other and followed our own path thru the chaos. There are times we just basked in the sun and enjoyed life.

Tonight I am thankful that 15/16 year old me was wrong. I am thankful that God’s plan for my life was far greater than what I had planned. I am thankful for being a Mother and a Wife. I am thankful for a friend to walk thru life with. And I am thankful that even in moments like now, when we are talking about some big life stuff, I am saying a prayer and knowing that God is on our side ❤

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