When I was pregnant with our first kiddo I worked at a manufacturing plant that cut steel with lasers. The plant only turned the fans on when an environmental inspection was happening. For the normal day to day operations, the fans were off and metal laser dust filled the air. And every woman who had been pregnant in this place in the last several years had issues with their pregnancy.

The hubster and I had talked. And I quit. I had no plan. We had no savings. But, whatever was to happen, it was worth it to keep the baby healthy.

That last day of work, I said goodbye to my friends there and went home. Once home, the hubster and I went out to dinner. And I remember he said, “Let’s enjoy it, because who knows when we’ll get to do this again.” His statements weren’t because of our baby on the way. It was because our financial situation was about to go downhill; and we knew it.

Over the years, we’ve had ups and downs. And after the last down time, that was when I went to the internet to learn a better way to handle money. That was when we found Dave Ramsey. And that is the plan we’ve been working on.

Dave talks about what Financial Peace is. He talks about imagining you are at work, and they push you over the edge, so you quit and walk out. And if they ask you how you can just quit, you can look back over your shoulder and say, “I have no payments”.

Tonight I am thankful for learning and staying diligent to a plan that gives us options and peace when making decisions for the future. It’s a different kind of feeling to have freedom to make decisions that will be huge; yet to still have a degree of peace that the world will not collapse.

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