For years I was a real estate appraiser only. I had gotten my real estate salesperson license for myself and for family and friends. Years ago, when I decided to start this real estate brokerage and find caring people to work with; I wanted to do something where I could help people. I enjoyed appraising, and still do. But, there isn’t much heart in that business . . like, there legally can’t be, as an appraiser has to be “unbiased”.

With each client, my heart smiles. And every transaction is different. Each one touches a different part of my heart.

Today’s closing reminded me that even the smallest purchase can mean the biggest thing in the world to people. This was something that I knew already. But, today, watching things unfold at a closing table; I was humbly reminded again how much this means ❤

Tonight I am thankful for work that matters ❤ ❤ And I hope my clients enjoy their own little slice of paradise ❤

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